Ohio Tax Law AttorneyBoth federal and state tax laws can be complex, and if you are involved in any tax law issues, it’s critical that you have experienced legal help. There are many situations that require the assistance of a seasoned tax law attorney in Ohio, including but not limited to:

Unfiled Tax Returns

There are many reasons why individuals fail to file their tax returns. However, if you owe back taxes, you could be facing tax liens, levies, and even wage garnishments. At the Donald Harris Law Firm, we can help you follow the guidelines for “voluntary compliance” and get your unfiled tax returns submitted as quickly and accurately as possible.

Tax Evasion/Fraud

If you are suspected of committing tax fraud or tax evasion, the IRS will launch a criminal investigation. It is critical that you have adequate legal representation from an attorney who understands both state and federal tax laws and how they may apply to you.


Being audited can be frightening, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the support of an experienced Ohio tax law attorney. At the Donald Harris Law Firm, we can help you prepare for and go through the process of an IRS audit.

Tax Settlements

There are many different ways to satisfy back taxes. Understanding all of the options that are available to you is crucial to choosing the tax settlement strategy that best fits your needs. You may be able to qualify for a reduction of your taxes or a graduated tax repayment plan.


In some cases, filing for bankruptcy is the best option for individuals who owe significant amounts of back taxes. At the Donald Harris Law Firm, we will review your case to determine if bankruptcy is a viable option, and if so, what type of bankruptcy best fits your legal and financial needs.

Facing Tax Law Problems? Don’t Wait to Contact an Attorney

Tax law issues are a particularly important matter, and you must act quickly if you are facing problems with your tax returns. Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Sandusky tax lawyer when your financial future is on the line. Our attorneys have the expertise and resources needed to provide you with comprehensive legal representation in a variety of situations, including audits, tax fraud proceedings, and more.

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